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The application map.

After their discovery in 1999, tens of patents and hundreds of scientific papers attest a huge potential of innovative applications.

In fact, SWCNHs offer a wide range of possible uses in several fields: as methanol fuel cells electrodes, in super-capacitors, in hydrogen storage or hydrogen generation by decomposition or steam-reforming of methane, in photovoltaic applications as ideal material for electron-acceptors hybrid systems and as particles to be used in nanofluids for direct sunlight harvesting or composites for photocatalysis, as base for new class of composite materials. Moreover, since the cytotoxicity of SWCNH was reported as absent or negligibly small (a key factor in view of a pervasive use of this material) interesting applications in life sciences range from drug delivery to NIR laser-driven functional NH complexes used as antiviral materials.

Carbonium, thanking its proprietary massive production method for high purity carbon nanohorns, is now able to assist you to transform potential in reality.

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